Services - Cheryl Lipner - Life Coaching


A key role for a life coach is to help you identify your goals.  These are often your loftiest aspirations and true desires which will give you a remarkable sense of enjoyment and fulfillment.  After you have identified your goals, it is vital to develop a plan to accomplish them.  The plan will be comprised of realistic steps you can execute to change your life in a way that leads you to your goal.


Is my company going out of business?  I've been laid off and am not having any luck finding a new job.  ......   Today - there are plenty of things to worry about.  Life Coaching can be vital in helping you manage stress - so you can manage the rest of your life.  Life Coaching will lead to an  overall sense of well-being, better decision-making, and clarity about your circumstances and how to manage them.


Healthy employees are more productive and creative.  As part of a comprehensive employee wellness program, companies are offering Life Coaching to employees.  Coaching in this context may revolve around issues like work-life-balance, how to ask for a promotion, or how to cope with a difficult co-worker.  The result are employees who enjoy their work experience more - and are truly better employees.